Titanic Omoshiroi Block Shape – From History to Present

Titanic Omoshiroi Block Shape – From History to Present

The History of the Titanic

The Titanic is a steam-powered ocean-going ocean liner that has gone down in the history of the maritime industry because of the maritime accidents that happened to it as well as the related mysteries. Its official name is RMS Titanic (RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship). Construction began in 1909 and was launched in 1912. As the largest, modern, splendid, and luxurious ship at the time, the Titanic carried the company’s ambition to dominate the transatlantic sea route of the company. The ship was owned by the ocean carrier The White Star Line. However, during its first and final transatlantic voyage in April 1912, it sank from crashing into an iceberg, killing more than 1,500 people. This shipwreck has gone down in history as the most serious marine accident in peacetime.

Its disaster has been the subject of a series of investigations, lawsuits, and thrilling hypotheses that have led to major changes in international maritime safety regulations. it has also become the setting and subject of many literary, painting, and cinematographic works. The most famous is the movie Titanic (1997) produced by famous director James Cameron and by Leonardo DiCaprio as the main actor.

On the night of April 14-15, 1912, it crashed into an iceberg and sank, with great casualties. Numerous figures on the number of passengers and crew killed were released. The US Senate investigation found 1,517 people were killed in the crash, while the British investigation found the number 1,490.

Anyway, the catastrophic magnitude of the event has been ranked as one of the largest and most famous maritime disasters of peacetime. its design used some of the most advanced techniques of the time, and the ship was believed by almost everyone to be “unsinkable”. It was a big shock because, despite its advanced technology and experienced crew, the Titanic sank with enormous casualties. The media heated up because the Titanic victims were celebrities, because of the myths of what happened on deck, the subsequent changes to the maritime law, and the discovery of its wreck. in 1985 by a team led by Robert Ballard and Jean Louis Michel, making it still very popular despite the years. Apparently, the iceberg had broken through the hull plates, puncturing a large hole that allowed the frozen ice to pour into it.

The picture of the Titanic
The picture of the Titanic

Titanic the movie (2017)

Titanic is an epic American disaster romantic film released in 1997, directed, screened, co-produced, co-edited, and partially financed by James Cameron. The film is based on the famous 1912 RMS Titanic shipwreck, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as two people from two different walks of life, they fall in love with each other.

Cameron’s inspiration for the film came from his infatuation with shipwrecks (he himself affirmed); he wants to convey a sentimental message from disaster and see that a romance that ends with the loss of one of the two will help him do this. Filming began in 1995 when Cameron started filming the wreck of it lying on the ocean floor. The current scenes were shot aboard the Akademik Mstislav Keldysh, and this is also the place Cameron used as the accommodation and base for the crew when filming the wreck. A new model has also been rebuilt at the Playas de Rosarito in Baja California; miniature models and computer-based image simulation technologies are used to recreate shipwrecks. The budget for the film was provided by Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox, which at the time was the highest budget film in history, with an estimated total investment of about $ 200 million.

First premiered on November 1, 1997, at the Tokyo International Film Festival and officially released on December 19, 1997, the film has enjoyed great success both in terms of sales and expertise. Out of the fourteen Academy Awards nominated, the film won eleven categories, including Best Film and Best Director, equal to Ben Hur’s (1959) record for film winning multiple awards. Oscar the best. With a revenue of over US $ 1.84 billion in its first release, the film also became the first film to exceed the $ 1 billion revenue mark. It held the title of the highest-grossing movie of all time, until another Cameron movie released in 2009, Avatar surpassed its record in 2010. A 3D version of the movie, playing March 4, 2012 (commonly known as Titanic 3D) celebrates a century since the shipwreck, bringing in the additional US $ 343.6 million globally, bringing its worldwide sales up. USD 2.18 billion milestones. This is the second film to cross the $ 2 billion mark worldwide after Avatar.

The Titanic Movie
The Titanic Movie

The Omoshiroi Block of Titanic

The Titanic image has inspired many people, especially since the 1997 movie Titanic, the model has become widely popular and produced by many parts of the world. You can find Titanic metal, plastic, wooden, paper models everywhere. However, Omoshiroi Block Store was the first to put the Titanic model in a Memo Pad. To make the Titanic Omoshiroi Block Shape, hundreds of hours of work were used. Firstly, a Titanic Omoshiroi Block model was rendered in 3D. Then, the design team of Omoshiroi Block will need to evaluate how for each Memo Sheet the paper will have to be cut. If the Omoshiroi Block shape has 100 sheets, then we will have 100 different shapes that need to be cut. Finally, each sheet of paper, after being cut completely, will be stitched together in a certain order, ensuring the image of Titanic Omoshiroi Block will appear accurately and beautifully. Every operation in the manufacturing process requires extreme precision. On average, a product to reach the hands of the customer takes an average of 4-6 hours of highly focused work. That is why the cost of each Omoshiroi Block is often very high.

Titanic Omoshiroi Block Shape
Titanic Omoshiroi Block

Not only Titanic Omoshiroi Block, but Omoshiroi Block Store has also created many other unique models such as Harry Potter, Porsche, Lamborghini, Doraemon, One Piece Headquater

You can visit our store to choose the best one for you. Omoshiroi Block Shape can be used for decoration, office supplies, and even gifts for kids, for friends, for colleagues. We are very happy to serve all of you.

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