Omoshiroi Block and 8 gifts for Valentine’s Day

Omoshiroi Block and 8 gifts for Valentine’s Day

The History of Omoshiroi Block

Valentine’s Day is named after St. Valentine – one of the first Christian martyrs – and is also a day when the world celebrates the love between couples, love between couples, and other friends. In the world, they express their love by sending each other Valentine’s cards, roses, chocolates, and some other special gifts.

Previously Valentine’s Day (now February 14 every year) was a holiday only in North America and Europe, but today it is popular in most countries.

There is a lot of information about the origin of this holiday, the theory that many people accept the most is:

  • Valentine was a priest under the Roman Emperor Claudius II. At that time in the third century, the Roman Empire had to engage in many bloody and unpopular wars. Due to the difficulty of getting young men to join the army, Claudius II argues that the main reason is that Roman men do not want to leave their families or lovers and marriage only makes the man weak. soft; thus, Claudius II ordered a ban on weddings or engagements to focus on battles.
  • Father Valentine in Rome, along with St. Marius, opposed the mighty emperor’s decree and went on to celebrate the wedding ceremony for young couples in secret. When discovered, Father Valentine was arrested and sentenced to death by dragging and stoned to death. In the afternoon before leaving school, he sent his first “Valentine card” to the daughter of prison guard Asterius, the blind girl born miraculously healed by him, and signed “dal. vostro Valentino “- from your Valentine (” From my Valentine “). Until now, couples still have a tradition of signing their names with the phrase “From your Valentine” of the old days instead of their names in Valentine cards. Gradually, the 14th of February every year became the day of exchange of the messages of love and St. Valentine became the patron saint of couples. People celebrate this day by sending each other poems and giving each other traditional gifts of roses and chocolates.
  • According to the U.S. association American Greeting Card Association, each year more than 1 billion Valentine cards are delivered on this holiday worldwide, ranking only after Christmas Day. The organization estimates that about 85% of customers buying Valentine’s cards are women.
  • In primary schools in North America, teachers often let students make their own Valentine’s cards for their classmates, these simple and colored cards that reflect what they do. They appreciated each of their friends of the opposite sex in class.
  • The British and French have celebrated this ceremony since the Middle Ages, but it was not until the seventeenth century that the custom of giving hand-made cards to lovers was popular. Common images include the heart, the rose, the arrow, and the cupid.
  • In Japan, many female employees are obliged to give chocolates, candies and fruits to their male colleagues. This custom is called giri-choko; giri means “duty”, choko is chocolate. Exactly a month later, on March 14, on White Day, the south has an obligation to give back gifts to the female colleagues who took good care of them on Valentine’s Day, these gifts are usually white. .
  • In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and some Muslim countries, celebrating, celebrating and selling Valentine’s Day gifts, including red roses, is prohibited because they consider Valentine’s Day an incentive. to promote relations outside of marriage, should be banned “to prevent the spread of Western culture”.
  • In Vietnam, Valentine’s Day has just been introduced in recent times. On February 14, 2008, many couples held an underwater collective wedding in Hon Mun, Nha Trang. A collective kissing contest in Da Lat was also held on this day.
  • In Brazil, Dia dos Namorados Day (Lovers’ Day) is celebrated on June 12.
  • Meanwhile, in China and some Asian countries, the traditional love day is the 7th of the seventh lunar month.

8 Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Speaking of Valentine’s Day, the first Valentine’s gift that must be mentioned is Chocolate. Chocolate balls with both sweet and bitter flavors are likened to the taste of love, so this is considered a popular gift was given on the occasion of Valentine.

It is the sweet taste of happy romantic moments together when the two give each other the most sincere feelings. Or the bitter taste is the angry jealousy that no loving couple can avoid. Chocolate has always been a familiar but still very enjoyable gift.



Bright flowers can be presented to each other almost every holiday. On Valentine’s Day, the rose bouquets become a symbol that represents the boys’ love for their girls. Roses have always been likened to girls, incredibly beautiful, but still firmly defending themselves with sharp thorns.

Each type of rose and the amount of flowers given has different meanings. The boys can choose the right cotton, as well as the number of flowers to give to make their Valentine’s Day more romantic and meaningful.


Couple cup

Pairing items are something that almost no lovers do not have. Double cups are one of the great Valentine gift ideas.

The cute decorative double mugs can also be used as a decoration for the room. This gift can be given to both boys and girls.

Couple Cup
Couple Cup

Handmade Gift

What is more meaningful than knowing that a gift he gave you was made by those hands? It can be simply a few decorations in the house, or it is the homemade chocolate box that makes Valentine’s gift so much more meaningful.

Boys or girls don’t need to worry too much that an unattractive or inexpensive gift will make the other person unhappy. Sincerity in the giver’s gift is the most important factor.


Lipstick is always something that any guy can give his girlfriend, no matter what occasion. Lipstick is an indispensable item for girls. It is what makes them more beautiful, confident, and attractive.

Guys, when giving lipstick to their girlfriends, can refer to their favorite lipstick lines or designs and their favorite cosmetic brands to make Valentine’s gifts become the most useful item in their eyes. Nobody gives gifts and doesn’t want them to be used often, right?



A daughter’s tenderness, elegance, and gentleness are shown through the jewelry she carries. A necklace is something that any girl loves. The necklace is both delicate and light, and does not imply the same weight as gifts are rings.

Guys can refer to simple and beautiful necklace patterns to give their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, they will love it!


Omoshiroi Block.

Omoshiroi Block is a very new and special gift for valentine’s day. What could be better than when your lover is given a beautifully crafted model, showing a great deal of attention to product details. Omoshiroi Block has a lot of beautiful models, but the best and most suitable is the Love Omoshiroi Block Shape. On this holiday, the word Love cannot be replaced.

In addition, with Omoshiroi Block, you absolutely can choose from many other Omoshiroi Block models that your lover will like: Harry Potter, Tree House, Porsche, Lamborghini…

Love Omoshiroi Block
Love Omoshiroi Block

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