Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple: The wonder of Japan in Omoshiroi Block

Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple: The wonder of Japan in Omoshiroi Block

Kiyomizu-dera, officially named Otowa-san Kiyomizu-Dera is an independent temple in the east of Kyōto, Japan. This temple is part of the ancient Kyōto Cultural Heritage according to UNESCO.

Omoshiroi Block


Kiyomizu-Dera was established in the late Nara period. The temple was founded and built by a monk, the abbot Enchin, in 778, however, the temple was burnt several times, and its current structures were built in 1633, by order of Tokugawa Iemitsu. There are no nails used in the entire structure of the temple. Kiyomizu-Dera is named after a single waterfall flowing out of a nearby mountain, in which, Kiyomizu means water – freshwater, or pure water.

At the beginning, the temple was associated with the Hossō sect – a branch of Duy Thucong in East Asia – starting from the Nara period. However, this association was canceled in 1965, and the present abbots of the temple claiming to be followers of the “Kitahossō” sect.


The main hall has large eaves, supported by tall pillars that protrude on a hillside, creating an impressive landscape for the city.

The popular Japanese idiom “jump from Kiyomizu” is an equivalent to the English idiom “to take the plunge” – determined to act, to do something long ago. This refers to a tradition in the Edo period whereby, if a person is alive after jumping from a height of 13m from the main station to the ground, his or her wish will come true. 234 jumps are recorded to have been made during the Edo period, of which 85.4% survived. This action was subsequently banned.

Below the main hall is the waterfall Otowa (Otowa no taki), where three small streams flow into a pond. Visitors can touch and drink water from the pond, which is supposed to help fulfill their wishes, in addition to longevity, health, and academic success.

It is believed that all 3 waterfalls in this place are very eloquent about “longevity”, “love”, “successful study”, if the worshiper drinks a sip of water in one of the three above water streams, the omen luck will come. Conversely, if you drink 2 sips, the inspiration will be halved. If you drink 3 sips, the good fortune is only one third. Moreover, if you are greedy to drink water in all 3 lines, you will not have any experience. This is summarized into an ancient commandment. Before drinking the sacred water at the waterfall, clasp your hands to pray to the layman Gyoei who is worshiped behind the waterfall to show solemn respect and sincerely want to ask for this pure water.

Although famous as a Buddhist temple, in the architectural complex here not only the temple but also the temple of Shinto. The most popular shrine to visit is Jishu (Jishu jinja), which is dedicated to Ōkuninushi – god of love and couples. Jishu Temple owns a pair of “love stones” spaced 18m apart, on which lonely visitors can try to walk between the two rocks with their eyes closed. Success in touching the other rock with closed eyes implies that pilgrims will find love or true love. Another can provide support while the person is walking, but it makes sense that a companion will be needed. The facilitator’s relationship can also help the two.

Kiyomizu-Dera also offers various amulets, incense, and o-mikuji (fortune cards, lucky cards). This temple is especially popular during festivals (especially in the New Year and during Obon during the summer) as more stalls are open, selling traditional food during the holiday season, as well as souvenirs. the concept for the crowd of tourists.

In 2007, Kiyomizu-Dera was one of the last 21 candidates for the New Seven Wonders of the World, but it was not selected as one of the seven winning locations.

The wonder of Japan in Omoshiroi Block

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