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Omoshiroi Block – The Soul of Memo Pad

Ideas from boring office.

In October 2016, in a dull office, when people were working dejectedly alongside familiar objects on their desks, we – the founders of Omoshiroi Block asked: “How to make my work less boring? “or” How to dispel the monotony in my own office? ” or ” How to arouse the dying creativity in each people?”. Those questions kept going around in our heads. We know we need to do something not only for ourselves, but for everyone else like us. That’s why the Omoshiroi Block was born.

Creativity in every sheets of Memo Pad.

Omoshiroi Block is born based on the desire to turn ordinary-looking objects into great decorations for your space.
No longer a senseless Memo Pad, it becomes an incredibly beautiful piece of art. How great would it be if after every piece of memo you peel off, a picture of a house, a castle, a car, or whatever slowly appears. Even with no more pieces of paper left, Omoshiroi Block doesn’t become useless. Instead, you will have a pretty little model that performs the use of a paperclip or a pen holder. Your desk will no longer be boring, but instead a space with countless artworks.

Omoshiroi Block - Kyoto Temple


Let us make you happy.

We’re not just a company that sells Memo Pads. We are inspirational people who will make your work life a lot less boring. Coming to our store, you will have a wide selection of Omoshiroi Block with various beautiful shapes, from simple shapes such as piano, phonograph, shapes of cars and airplanes, movie charactors,  or more complex and beautiful model such as famous structures all over the world.

Omoshiroi Block - Airplane

Moreover, your experience will always be guaranteed, because all your messages will be read and answered by real people – not robots. If you have any inquiries, feel free to email us: We are honored to serve you

Thank you for choosing us. We hope to provide what you need.

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